Thursday, 16 July 2020

    Construction & Commissioning

    Construction Division of Control Sazan company was established to provide oil, gas, and petrochemical industries with Electrical and Instrumentation Construction Pre- commissioning and Commissioning Services.

    Electrical & Instrumentation

    Following electrical and instrumentation activities are usually performed by Control Sazan construction teams in construction projects:

    -Calibration of instruments

    -Fabrication and installation of supports

    -Installation of cable ways (trays, ladders ducts and conduit pipes)

    -Installation of junction boxes

    -Installation of power and signal cables in cable ways or trenches and cable termination

    -Installation of air piping, hook-ups and steam tracing

    -Installation of local and main control panels and cubicles

    -Installation of filed instruments

    -Installation of lighting, paging, intercom, telephones, C.C.T.V., fire alarm and cathodic protection system

    -Installation of HV, LV, MV transformers and substation equipment and cubicles


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